Outdoor living and a more nomadic lifestyle is the inspiration for this collection of digitally printed fabrics.

Being closer to nature is essential for our well being, and this concept inspired me to make a variety of bags

that act as a home for our belongings that we carry around with us on a day to day basis.

The structures of the bags are versatile and can expand to hold our daily needs. "A home for your belongings."

This collection is completly original and unique, and each bag is hand crafted with loving care. The fabircs are

all natural cotton which have been digitally printed. This process does not waste ink which is important for the



All the bags are lined with cotton or satin. Each bag has an inside pocket apart from the small bags.

The medium and large bags have pockets at each side and all the bags have magnetic closures.


The leather has been sourced to find the finest quality and each bag is pieced together like a collage, combining

each fabric to complement each other.


The collection includes three sizes of bags; large overnight; medium size for everyday

essentials; and small over the shoulder bags wth enough room for your purse and make-up.


There is also a selection of purses and buttons and the collection is constantly growing.